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Vol. 4 Unlanded

Set between the end of Vol. 2 Technologist-for-Hire and the Canadian part of Vol. 3 North and South this album expands on the aerial component of my work.  When I arrived in Ontario after my contract with ABMI, saw the potential offered in drones.  So I bought one.  

Took a bit of figurin' and some rather spectacular crashes (here's lookin' at you Turkey Trot 2016), but the project has turned out rather well, all things considered: my Master's project will be using drones to produce 3D models of the Cypress Hills in Southern Saskatchewan/Alberta.  

While I'm now moving more towards the data crunching and processing side of things, this album - Vol. 4 Unlanded - will work with the footage I flew during my 'learning curve.'

When completed Unlanded will feature both still photos and video clips, with potentially some photogrammetrical models.